Macrame Swing Chair



Cotton Macrame Swing Chair


Macrame Swing Chair

An Excellent quality Macrame Swing Chair made from high quality cotton with a metal support ring.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use it will provide hours of comfort to you.

Technical Specifications
Seat Diameter: 60cm
Upper Ring: 80cm
Back Rest: 39cm
Height from base to hanging rings: 120cm
Seat weight: 4kg
Maximum weight on chair: Approximately 120kg
Country of origin: China

Macramé is produced using knotting, rather than weaving or knitting, techniques.
Primary knots of macramé are the square or reef knot and forms of “hitching”: various combinations of half hitches.

These skills have long been used by sailors, artists, craft people and Scouts, especially in elaborate or ornamental knotting forms and to cover anything from knife handles to bottles to parts of ships and by outdoor people for hiking pole handles to hammocks and seats.

Artisans of macramé enjoy using cotton as it is easy to knot and so can transform a project into a one of a kind unique piece. Extremely popular in the Victorian era for decorating and clothing, these days adding macramé in your decor can bring that chic, bohemian vibe into your home.

This Beautiful Macrame Chair will add that little bit of flair to your indoor or outdoor entertaining areas. It can provide hours of comfort in that private area such as a parents retreat.

There are so many uses for macramé such as tablecloths and bedspreads to belts, pet lead and collars, plant hangers, fruit and veggie holders, decorative wall hangings and even jewellery.

Additional information

Weight 141 oz
Dimensions 32.2 × 32.2 × 1.6 in


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