Paracord Plant hanger – “Lilly”

1 metre to 1.3 metre


One of our favourite designs known as the “Lilly” is simple and elegant with strength that would surpass most other plant hangers.

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Paracord Plant Hanger

One of our favourite designs the Paracord Plant Hanger for sale known as the “Lilly” is simple and elegant with strength that would surpass most other plant hangers.

The Paracord Plant Hanger we have for sale is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Our Plant Hangers and crafts are all handmade so we have alot of flexibility. This flexibility gives our plant hangers there unique characteristics and a huge choice of colours

Have you ever thought about having your office plants in hangers that reflect your corporate colours or a plant hanger that matches your house design. Send us a message and we will gladly build specifically to your needs.

Manufacture/Build info: The cord is manufactured with an inner core of 7 cabled nylon strands and is covered by an outer nylon sheath braided from 32 strands.
The inner core strands add strength to the overall product integrity, Its ideal for hanging heavy pots outdoors due to its strength and uv resistance.

Technical Specifications:
Model: Lilly
Length: from loop to basket base 950mm-1000mm
from loop to end of tassel 1200mm -1300mm
550 Paracord – 100% Nylon,
Cord Diameter – 4mm/5/32″,
Tensile strength of cords- 247kg/550 lb,
Country Of Origin – Materials in the plant hanger are sourced from USA, China and Australia, it is designed and assembled locally in Australia

It is Rot. UV, Mould/ Mildew Resistant and its colors will not run or bleed.

More history of paracord

Crystals a beautiful accessory to any craft

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